The Emme system can dramatically lower the cost of installing an HVAC system into a commercial building. This is done while also providing superior comfort in comparison to other systems. So where do these savings come from?

  1. With Emme Room-By-Room, fewer roof top units are needed which dramatically lowers costs. In many commercial buildings, much of the zoning work is done by having various roof top units service different parts of the building. This results in having numerous roof top units which are typically greatly oversized for the needs of the building.

    With Emme Room-By-Room, however, we can very precisely control the flow of conditioned air so the conditioned air can be sent to the part of the building that needs it. Even if conditioned air needs to be directed a great distance from the roof top unit, Emme can shut down all other duct runs so the conditioned air gets to where it needs to go. This means that commercial buildings can be built with fewer (perhaps larger capacity) roof top units with an overall capacity that more closely matches the building’s actual heating and cooling needs. Fewer roof top units translates directly to lower equipment, installation and maintenance costs.


  2. Emme Room-By-Room can completely eliminate the need for VAV Boxes in many applications. While important in some applications, VAV boxes have a number of drawbacks. The most of important drawback is that VAV boxes are quite expensive, frequently costing between $3,000 and $6,000 installed. Since VAV boxes are expensive, they are typically used sparingly so that one VAV might serve up to anywhere from 3 to 10 separate offices, which results in temperature discomfort. So VAV boxes are not only expensive, they are also suboptimal in terms of comfort.

    The Emme system’s wireless smart controllers and pneumatic dampers are inexpensive and cost a small fraction of what a VAV box would cost. They also deliver the conditioned air to exactly where it is needed, when it is needed. The result is an HVAC zoning solution that is less expensive than a VAV box solution while also delivering superior comfort.