Better information, better decisions.

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Wireless Outdoor
Temperature Sensor

Have a project that doesn’t require Room-By-Room controls, but still needs better control to eliminate hot or cold spots? The Emme Core System could be the right solution!

The Emme Core is the only temperature control solution that uses current weather conditions, forecasts, remote temperature sensors and your home or building’s historical performance to create a unique Advanced Thermal Model (ATM). The ATM allows Emme Core to anticipate heating and cooling needs with precision, making smart decisions that allow you to save up to 30%* on your heating and cooling costs.

By adding sensors, the Emme Core system receives additional information that allows it to make smarter decisions, increasing the comfort and efficiency. The wireless temperature sensors may be small (about the size of a matchbox), but they're also powerful. Because they are small and wireless you can put them just about anywhere.